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A new type of community post

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We’re excited to introduce a new type of post on the community: After the Paper!

Where Behind the Paper tells the shares the story of a paper from conception to publication, After the Paper explores ‘what happened next’ several years after that publication. 

Early this year we invited some of the authors featured in Nature’s interactive periodic table (a project to celebrate of the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements) to write an After the Paper for the community, to be posted in our IYPT channel. We wanted to know what happened since they published the manuscript: how was paper was received at the time; how has research in that area changed since; and how did it impact future achievements and research decisions, for example.  

Most of the After the Paper stories so far are on papers published within the last few years, but don’t be fooled by the relatively short timeframe – it doesn’t take long for something interesting to emerge! Like David Mills’ story behind dysprosocenium and accompanying playlist (Nature, 2017), or M. Rosa Palacin’s risky adventure assessing the viability of calcium batteries (Nature Materials, 2015), or Steve Liddle’s account of a decade long collaboration with colleagues  and the joy of receiving chemical compounds in the post (Nature Chemistry, 2015)!  

After the Paper will have a dedicated space of its own soon, but in the meantime you can read these posts, and several more, in our IYPT channel. Enjoy!

Do you have a post-publication story to tell? Let us know and you could be our next After the Paper contributor! 

Ruth Milne

Past Springer Nature Staff Member, Springer Nature