Postcard from ACS Fall 2019

I'm not going to the ACS meeting this fall, so consider this a late-arriving postcard from the spring 2016 meeting.

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Though I'm not there this year (some of my colleagues will be), San Diego rates as one of my favourite ACS national meeting venues. I'll let you into a secret: attending ACS meetings is about far more than attending talks and poster sessions. Thus, the location of the convention centre and its proximity to entertainment (pick your vice) is pretty important. The convention center itself is on Harbor drive, and all you need do is cross the tram tracks and you're in the gaslamp quarter "a walkable urban playground" with plenty of restaurants, bars, theatres to entertain you.

I can recommend the Altitude Sky Lounge - a 22nd floor rooftop bar - with some awesome views (including right down into Petco park (San Diego Padres' stadium). Also I recall a particular evening where many (in)famous chemists were customers at the Cuban cigar factory (remember smoking tobacco is bad for you and this should in no way be taken as encouragement). 

Right that's it for recommendations for now. Why not share your own? That way I'll know what to look out for next time the chemistry circus hits San Diego. Oh, you can tell us about some of the cool talks you've seen too, if you must ;-)



Stephen Davey

Chief Editor, Nature Reviews Chemistry, Springer Nature

Stephen holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Sheffield where he conducted research on asymmetric nucleophilic catalysis. He then moved to Groningen, Netherlands for postdoctoral research on the synthesis and applications of light-driven molecular motors. He has been a chemistry editor for 12 years. He began his editorial career with the Royal Society of Chemistry (working on the journals Lab on a Chip and the Journal of Environmental Monitoring). In 2008 he joined the launch team of Nature Chemistry and later that year moved to Boston, USA where he stayed until the end of 2015. Shortly after returning to London he moved jobs to become Chief Editor for Nature Reviews Chemistry, which launched in 2017.