Behind the Paper Top Ten: 2019

Our most viewed Behind the Paper posts of 2019

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Happy New Year!

Let's begin 2020 with a run-down of our most viewed* Behind the Paper posts of 2019, which includes two posts from the same contributor!  

  1. Taking the top spot is a post from Lee Cronin on digitising synthetic chemistry, published only a few weeks ago! This is actually Lee’s third Behind the Paper in 18 months and the first of two posts featured in this list (see also no.4) - congratulations on the research and thanks for sharing your stories on the community! 

  2. A post describing some unusual uranium chemistry is our no.2, contributed by Steve Liddle. Is 3 the magic number for 2019? Because this happens to be a third BTP contribution from Steve too! No pressure everyone else...     

  3. The biochemistry of life is the topic of our third most viewed post, by Joseph Moran.    

  4. A second post in the Top Ten for Lee Cronin! This time on the chemical origin of life.  

  5. In at no.5, Li He discusses the production of hydrogen bubbles

  6. A Behind the Paper from February is just outside the top five. Bilge Baytekin writes about a new method for controlling static electricity using light.  

  7. Xuanhe Zhao discusses developing hydrogels for next-generation bioelectronic devices in our seventh most viewed post.

  8. A post by Matthew Powner on the origins of peptide synthesis is our eighth most viewed Behind the Paper of 2019. 

  9. Irrational chemist, Alexander Norquist - his words, confesses all in his post, in at no.9.

  10. Back to the start of the year for no.10 post - Koji Kubota describes recent improvements in solid-state organic synthesis.   

Thanks to all our Behind the Paper contributors from 2019 (we published an incredible 273 posts) and congratulations to those that made our Top Ten. We look forward to many more chemical stories in 2020. 

If you would like to post a Behind the Paper and don't see the 'Contribute' option along the menu bar, then please get in touch with us and we can update your profile. 

We also happily welcome Behind the Papers from journals other than our own, like this one by Aleksandr Savateev on a paper he published in Chemical Science. 

*using Google Analytics. 

Poster image is from Li He's Behind the Paper (no.5)

Ruth Milne

Past Springer Nature Staff Member, Springer Nature