Grignard Experiment (Learning from Mistakes)

*Grignard* Reactions can result in total success or some failures! Be sure to see the various outcomes your friends attain. Learning from mistakes without the fear of making them. Lab journal of your memories in CM2191. Remember the lessons learned, some can be applicable to life as well !

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Fun Man Fung

Instructor, National University of Singapore

Fun Man Fung, PhD is a Singaporean teaching Chemistry at the National University of Singapore. He was a former Assistant Director of Education at the NUS Institute for Applied Learning Sciences & Education Technology. He is the elected secretary of the International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN). He is passionate about education, mentorship, youth empowerment, and civic engagement. 

Fuelled by his desire to make science and learning accessible to as wide an audience as possible, videos exhibiting the use of these tools are extensively featured on Fun Man’s educational YouTube Channel. The multimedia has benefited learners from over 112 countries including Kenya, Jordan, Bulgaria, Uruguay, and Jamaica, with over 3 million views. 

Fun Man has delivered invited seminars at Stanford University, University of Cambridge, OECD, Sciences Po, University of Hong Kong, Sorbonne Université, etc.

For this passion for teaching and learning, Fun Man was conferred the NUS Annual Digital Education Award, University Annual Teaching Excellence Award, and NUS Faculty Teaching Excellence Award. He is a distinguished recipient of the D2L award Innovation in Teaching and Learning and QS-Wharton STAR Reimagine Education Awards for his effort in innovative teaching and learning approaches.